Curriculum Vitae

Adress: 7 Nimron  St., P. O. Box 3471, Qazrin 12900, Israel.

Tel: 972- 04-6961515, Fax: 972-4-6961930 (Golan Research Institute);


Born: Haifa, Israel. 18 March 1949. Citizenship: Israeli. Family status: divorced, father of four.


1970-1973             B.A. Cum Laude, Archaeology and the History of  the Jewish People, the Hebrew University of  Jerusalem.

1976-1986             M.A. Cum Laude, Archaeology and History of the Jewish People, the Hebrew University  of Jerusalem.

1986-1993             Ph.D. Classical  Archaeology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Language Competence: Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, German, ancient Aramaic, ancient Greek.

Present and past positions:

2003-         Independent Scholar; Owner of Archaostyle Research and Publications.

2000          Visiting Lecturer, The Shechter Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies, Jerusalem.

1998          Visiting Professor — University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

1997-02     Lecturer of Biblical and Classical Archaeology, Tel-Hai Academic College.

1997-8       Head of the Department of Tourism Studies and Professor of Classical Art and                                   Mediterranean Culture Studies, Ohalo College.

1990-96     Researcher/Excavator, Director of the Pan Sanctuary Excavation Project, Israel Antiquities Authority.

1994          Chercheur associée, Centre Louis Gernet de recherches comparées sur la sociétés anciennes, CNRS, Paris.

1988-90     Director, North Region, Israel Antiquities Authority.

1987/8       Junior Fellow in Byzantine Studies, Dumbarton  Oaks (Harvard University),


1981-87          District Archaeologist – Golan Heights and Hermon, the Israel Department of            Antiquities and Mueseums.

1977-81     Archaeological Researcher and Instructor, the  Golan Field Study Center Israel Society for the Protection of Nature, Kazrin.

1974-77     Area Superviser and Researcher, the Jewish  Quarter Excavations, Jerusalem (under Prof N. Avigad).

1975-76     Lecturer: “The Archaeology of Palestine,” The School of Holy Land Studies, Mt. Zion.

1973          Principal research assistant, surveyor and area C  superviser, Tiberias  Excavation, (Prof. G.  Foerster), the Hebrew University of  Jerusalem.

1972-73     Research assistant (Prof. E. Netzer) and surveyor  at Herodium, Jericho and  Ein Gedi Excavations, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1971-72          Research assistant (Prof. A. Mazar), Tel Qasile  Excavations, the Israel  Exploration Society.

Field research: director of excavations and projects.

1972        Jaffa, Jewish tomb.

1977        Field Archaeologist, Gamala Excavation  (Sh.  Gutman).

1977-82   Central Golan Survey of Ancient Synagogues.

1978          Late Roman tower at Ani’am.

1978-80   Kanaf  Synagogue and village.

1979-80.  En Nashut synagogue.

1981                Southwestern Golan survey of Hellenistic towers.

1981-4     Hellenistic tower at Nahal Samakh.

1982        Dabbiye synagogue.

1982        Church and Monastery of Hg. Gregorius at Deir  Qrukh.

1982-86   Qasrin synagogue and village (with A. Killebrew).

1984        Panias, Late Roman villa (with M. Hartal).

1986        Panias, Early Roman tomb.

1987        Ancient Qasrin Village Restoration Project.

1988 – Present: The Sanctuary of Pan at Caesarea Philppi-Panias-Banyas.

1997 – Present: The Synagogue at Deir Aziz.

1998 – Present: Mountaintop Sanctuaries at Petra, Jordan.

List of Major Publications (minor or parallel Hebrew publications have been omitted):

1979      The Jewish Settlements and the Synagogues in the Golan, Tel-Aviv:

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (Hebrew).

1981      “The Synagogue of Gamla and the Typology of the Second Temple Synagogues,” in  L.I. Levine (ed.), Ancient Synagogues Revealed, Jerusalem, Pp. 35-41.

b    “The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Synagogues in the Golan,” in L.I. Levine (ed.), Ancient Synagogues Revealed, Jerusalem, Pp. 98-115.

1985      “Comments on Jewish and Christian Communities in Byzantine Palestine,” Palestine Exploration Quarterly 117: 59-68.

b    “On the Hasmonean and Herodian Town Plan of Jerusalem,” Eretz Israel (Avigad volume), 18:46-57, (Hebrew).

c    “On the Hasmonean and Herodian Town Plan of Jerusalem,” Eretz Israel (Avigad volume), 18:46-57, (Hebrew).

1986      The Golan Heights in Antiquity: A Study in Geographical-History, Qazrin: The Golan Research Institute (Hebrew; 192 pages with 10 maps).

1987    “More on the Hasmonaean Town Plan of Jerusalem,” Eretz Israel, Vol. 19 (AviYonah Volume), Jerusalem (Hebrew), Pp. 326-329.

1988      “The Ancient Synagogue at Qasrin,” Biblical Archaeologist 51:5-19, (with Ann Killebrew).

b    “Ancient Synagogues of the Golan — An Introduction,” Biblical Archaeologist 51:116-128.

1990      “The Praetorium at Musmiye, Again,” Dumbarton Oaks Papers 44:41-6.

1991      “Bethlehem,” “Cana,” “Capernaum,” “Gaza,” “Jericho,” “Mamre,” in A Kazdan (ed.), Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with G. Vican) Pp. 286, 370, 375-6, 825, 1032-3, 1279-80.

b    “Excavations at the Ancient Synagogue at Dabbiye,” (Final Report), Atiqot 20:49-65.

1992      “Geshur,” “Golan Heights,” D.N. Freedman (ed.), Anchor Bible Dictionary, Vol. 2, New York: Doubleday, pp. 996, 1058-65.

1993      “Banias,” “Dabbiye,” “Golan,” “the Antique periods,” “Synagogue Survey,’ “Deir Qruch,” “Kanaf,” “Giv’at Orkha,” “Hispin,” “Deir Qrukh,” “En Nashut,”, E. Stern (ed), Encycloedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land,  4 Vols., Jerusalem & New York: Israel Exploration Society & Carta, New York: Simon & Schuster, pp. 136–43, 318, 348-9, 412-14, 521-23, 525-27, 534-46, 847-50, 1219-22.

1994      “The Synagogue of the Second Temple Period as a Reflection of Alexandrine Architecture,” Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo 18:5-12.

1995      “The Judaean Synagogues — As a Reflection of Alexandrine Architecture,” in: N. Bonacasa et. al. (eds.), Alessandria e il mondo ellenistico-romano, Atti del II Congresso Internazionale Italo-Egiziano (Alexandria 23-27 November 1992), Rome: “L’Erma” di Bertschneider, Pp. 192-201.

1996      “When were the Gallean Synagogues First Constructed,” Eretz Israel (Aviram Volume) 25:416-426 (Hebrew).

1997      (and R. Barlev), “the Story of the Settlement in the Golan,” in: R. Barlev and B. Nachshon (eds.), The Whole Wide Golan, Qazrin: Golan Residents Commitee, pp. 121-133 (Hebrew).

1997      Review: Dar, S., Settlements and Cult Sites on Mount Hermon, Israel: Ituraean Culture in the Hellenistic and Roman Period, Israel Exploration Journal 47:279-83.

1998      “The Sanctuary of Pan at Banyas”, Qadmoniot 54:18-25  (in Hebrew).

1999    The Synagogue at Capernaum — a radical solution,” Pp. 138-47 in: The Roman and

Byzantine Near East, Vol 2. Some Recent Archaeological Research, ed. J. H. Humphrey, (JRA Supplement 31), Portsmouth, RI.

1999     “The Division of Synagogues’ according to Michael Avi-Yonah — An Improved Suggestion,” pp. 134-142 in: M. Livneh and R. Yehezkeli (eds.), Yad Leair,  Tel Aviv: The Society for the protection of Nature in Israel, (in Hebrew).

1999    “The Synagogue that Never Existed in the Hasmonean Palace at Jericho: Remarks Concerning an Article by E. Netzer, Y. Kalman and R. Loris [Qadmoniot 32 (117): 17-24], Qadmoniot 32 (118): 120-121 (Hebrew).

1999      “Coin and Temple — The Case of Caesarea Philippi-Paneas,” Pp. 90-102 in: Studies in Honor       of Arie Kindler, Israel Numismatic Journal Vol. 13 (1994-99; published in 2000).

2000    (with H. Ben-David), “Deir `Aziz,” Excavations and Surveys in Israel 111: 11-12 (Hebrew Section pp. 14-15).

2001      “Gamla — old and new — comments on an article by D. Syon and Z. Yavor”‘ Qadmoniot 122: 130-131 (Hebrew).

2002    “On the Architectural Origin of the Galilean Synagogues”, Cathedra 107: 47-63


2003      (with H. Ben-David), “Deir `Aziz, 2001-2002” Excavations and Surveys in Israel 117 (Hebrew and English) Internet (Israel Antiquities Authority).

B     “Golan Synagogues,” Pp. 465-472 in S. Richard (ed.), Near Eastern Archaeology: A Reader, Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns.

2004 “The Architectural Model of the Galilean Synagogue,” Cathedra 107: 47-62 (Hebrew with an English summary on p. 212).

B     “Now in Turmoil; The Land of Olive-Oil,” Pp. 200-227 in H. and D. Amit (eds.) Reference Points: Touring with Hebrew Sources in Northern Israel, Jerusalem: Yad Ben Zvi (Hebrew).

C     (With Ch. Ben-David) “The Synagogue at Dayr Aziz on the Golan Heights,” Pp. 57-66 in Y. Eshel et al. (eds.), And let them make me a sanctuary: Synagogues from Ancient Times to the Present Day, Ariel: The College of Judea and Samaria (Hebrew).

D     “Ya-t-il Juifs sans synagogues? Le cas de la Jaulan dans l’antiquite” REJ 163: 483-493.

E        “Les Sidoniens à Baniyas” Transeuphratène 28: 143-147.

2005      ” Al-Madras, Petra and the Paneon, Baniyas – the operosa antra,” ADAJ 49:531-540.

2006      “The Civil Reforms of Diocletian in the Southern Levant,” Scripta Classica Israelica XXV: 105-119.

B           (with Ch. Ben David) “New Finds in the Golan: A Synagogue at Dayr Aziz,” Qadmoniot 39:25-31.

C           AnotherSacred Mountain: Tribal Boundaries in Biblical Galilee, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

D           Dan is Baniyas: Teldan is Abl-Beth-Maacha, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

2007      Baniyas in the Greco-Roman Period: A History based on the Excavations, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

B           Baniyas, Upper Galilee and the Lebanon Beqa‘ in the Hellenistic Period, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

C           “Chronological Elements in the Art of the Golan Synagogues.” Cathedra 124:51—64.

2008      “Le limite du monde civilize dans la pays de la bible,” Transeuphratene 36:91—95.

B           “En-Bebi Khouder at Baniyas (Dan-Caesarea Philippi-Paneas),” Aram 20:95—100.

C           “Al Ken ezkercha meEretz Yarden veHermonim,” pp 199—222 in: Adam Zertal Festschrift, Jerusalem: Ariel (Hebrew).

D           “Ships on Roman Provincial Coins in the Southern Levant: Voyages on the River Styx,” Israel Numismatic Research 3:147—162.

E            Mountaintop Sanctuaries at Petra, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

F            The Ghassanids and the Fall of the Golan Synagogues, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

2009      Khirbet Dikke and the Synagogues in and around Bethsaida Valley, Qazrin: Archaostyle.

B           Baniyas: The Roman Temples, Qazrin Archaostyle.

2010      “Baniyas and Baal-Gad: “below Mt. Hermon (Josh 11:17),” Transeuphratène 39:113–119.

B           “The Galilean Bowl: A Revised Chronology,” Tel Aviv 37:254–257.

C           “Jews and Christians in the Ancient Golan,” Israel Exploration Journal 60:89–93.

‘En Nshut: the Art and Architecture of a Synagogue in the Golan, Qazrin (Archaostyle).


“The Golan shall be Desolate,” (Hebrew, Cathedra)

Interpretatio graeca the case of Gad and Tyché.” (SCI)

“Sogané, Agrippina and Gaulanitis, ” (SCI)

Waiting to be published

Paneion I, Excavations at the Sanctuary of Pan in Caesarea Philippi (Banyas) 1988-1993. (Israel Antiquities Authority)

In Preparation:

Itur in Galilee (Qazrin, Archaostyle)

Hellenistic and Roman Fortifications in the Golan (Qazrin, Archaostyle)

Daily Life at Ancient Qasrin (Qazrin, Archaostyle)

Kanaf, the Hellenistic Tower and Barracks (Qazrin, Archaostyle)


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